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Lesley deserves a MASSIVE THANK YOU from me, so here it goes.. About 4 years ago I found out that I have 2 fully compressed discs in my lower back. 

Because of this I rely heavily on a strong core to keep me pain free, which was fine until 2 gigantic twins came in to the mix and left me with severe diastasis recti. My stomach muscles had fully separated leaving a 4 finger width gap between what used to me my core. I thought that was game over for me and exercise...

...BUT THEN.... I started seeing Leslie back in December, and in 4 months not only has she managed to get my muscles back together, I feel stronger, fitter and more energised than I ever have. I’m running again and am completely pain free. Lesley Jolly you are a miracle worker.

Anyone who has back issues or is suffering from diastasis GET HELP! I was sceptical but its amazing what some structured exercise and guidance from a professional can do. THANKYOU LESLEY!!

- Gemma Murphy

I'd normally go to a local gym a few times a week, but in lockdown Lesley's zoom classes have been a total revelation; I feel fitter, stronger and I'm aware of muscles I never thought I had! My (picky) teenage son loves Lesley's teen friendly workouts too which is further testament to her teaching ability. Thank you Lesley, keep the classes coming!

- Olivia Moores

Les from Black Box Fitness has been an inspiration to me over recent weeks. It's not just that she works me hard to get results, it's her in depth knowledge and also her passion which is infectious and I totally trust her and what she believes my body is capable of. I've noticed a difference in just 3 weeks and am feeling stronger both mentally and physically and can't wait to see the results in the weeks to come!

- Victoria Jones

Lesley really brought me back to life during lockdown! Alarm set every morning and her classes really give me a sense of community whilst isolating. She provides variations an constantly reverts to form which is key for results

- Laura Gilbert

I’ve always done a lot of home workouts but these are by far my favourite & actually make me want to get out of bed! They’re exciting, innovative & she always offers multiple options for each exercise of varied impact so you can do what feels right for your body. She’s always referring to correct form, her energy is infectious & she’ll always kick your butt! I feel so much healthier both mentally and physically. I fricking love Lesley’s workouts, thanks so much!

- Claudia Marsh

I've loved every one of the classes led by Les. She is a dynamic and progressive teacher who pays real attention to form and movement - enabling you to get the exercises exactly right to ensure your body benefits as much as possible. As somebody who's always been a bit hesitant to commit to regular HIIT and strength training, she's taught me that my body can do so much more than I thought. She delivers each and every class with passion and infectious enthusiasm and I'm really starting to notice the benefits of training with her, muscles that have been at rest for some time are now bursting into action! An excellent trainer - wouldn't hesitate to recommend - Lara Green

Lesley makes sweating fun! She gets me motivated, makes me work hard & her workouts are never dull. I'm feeling so much fitter & happier in just a few weeks

- Laura Fisher

Lesley's classes are well structured and organised which allows me to really focus on technique. Her true enthusiasm really motivates me to keep going till the end! - Katherine Wardropper

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