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Let me introduce myself – I’m Lesley and I’m a fully qualified L3 Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Weight Management Coach. Following 20 years of working in the fashion industry (and a little soul searching), I decided it was time to pursue a career I felt truly passionate about, that would make a positive difference to people’s lives.


I have always been fascinated with the human body and how we function, we owe our bodies a great deal of respect for what we put them through. These incredible vessels carry us through life's adventures and need daily maintenance for the long journey ahead. I've always been at my happiest when I'm feeling fit and strong, the link between physical and mental wellbeing is undeniable and that is a message I wanted to share with others. As a result, Black Box Fitness was born.


I train my clients from my private studio in Haslemere using a variety of teaching methods including; strength and resistance training, body sculpting, mobility work, HIIT and also provide Pre and Post Natal Fitness. 


If you are looking to upgrade your health and wellbeing and need some support and guidance please get in touch. Together we will work on realistic and measurable goals that will help bring about the changes you want and maintain them long term. All training plans are uniquely designed to each client’s individual needs and abilities.



L2 Fitness Instructor

L3 Personal Training

Nutrition and Weight Management Coach

L3 Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Advanced Resistance Training

Core Training

Suspension Exercise Trainer

Kettlebell Trainer

Functional Equipment Training

Circuit Training

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